3 Ways to Protect Your Trees & Property

Are your trees ready for summer? Here are three things to help your trees thrive and protect your property against the threat of wildfire as we head into summer. Our arborists are out in the field each day monitoring conditions and assessing how best to combat the challenges your trees face in our rugged Rocky Mountain climate. And as always, we’re ready and standing by to help. Click the link below to arrange a free consultation with one of our arborists. 

1) Proper Watering & Plant Health Care

Trees need water, but more importantly, they need to be watered correctly. Our arborists can provide guidance on the right watering schedule and prescribe a Plant Health Care program to ensure that your trees make the most of the water they receive and are able to fight off insects like aphids, scale, and beetles.

2) Removal of Dead or Damaged Limbs

Spring reveals winter’s toll on trees. Recent windstorms have also caused extensive tree damage throughout the valley. If you see broken limbs or parts of trees that don’t leaf out, pruning or removal is required.

3) Fire Mitigation

The question is not IF wildfire will strike, but WHEN. Strong winds and dry air carried the Duck Pond fire to the doorstep of homes in Gypsum last month. We can help mitigate the risk to your home and property by creating defensible space however small or large your property may be. Many of our customers have received notices from their insurance companies REQUIRING fire mitigation work on their property and we’d be happy to help you get ahead in the process.

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